Principal Message

School is like a temple which helps enlighten the mind and behavior of students. Teachers are the artisans who shape children under their guidance. And that you expect us to carry out our task with full responsibility. Therefore we are committed and endeavourer for an overall development of your children. But Its possible by your support and responsibility also you too have got the responsibilities. Actually children live with you for 18 hours; it is just three times more than six hours with us. Therefore, you should be three times more vigilant than we people. It is only our consistent and collective efforts that from both sides can help your children to achieve success.

The basic aim of Greenland Public School is to establish as relation which believes in self learning and self perfectionism. The Greenland Public School is to contribute to our country’s transformation towards development and progress through education, which can be considered as pillar for any development. Noting can be more satisfying than to see our efforts becoming fruitful, making us part of the progress. The Greenland Public school seek to provide equal opportunities in education to backward students. Imparting education through joint effects by all school staff and management committee. At present situation our nation requires, to nationalists for the reformation and prosperity, So we made ourselves to maintain the mission of the school. That is to empower all its students to be problem solver, users of technology effective communicators and lifelong learner in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experience in a safe, caring , sportive and co-operative environment and prepare them to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challenging future global scenario. “To see general in the particular is the very foundation of our genius teachers”

Dr. Jyoti Thakur

M.A., B.Ed. Ph.D.